The Bungalow Hotel is proudly owned and operated by the Gibson Family. A true family operation, they came across this abandoned Cairns icon and were determined to not only restore it to its original beauty, but to make it even better!

The pub itself was built in the early 1970s and named the Bungalow Hotel, but in 1989, its name was changed to the Westcourt Tavern. Over the years, the hotel has hosted many Cairns local identities and was a popular local watering hole for many.

Over the years, with various owners and limited repairs or upkeep, the hotel was sadly left in disrepair until the Gibsons took the project on in 2009.With their 30 years of experience operating hotels around Queensland, they felt ready for this challenge!

One of their first moves was to return the pub to its original name of “The Bungalow Hotel”, and restore the welcoming atmosphere that the Pub once held.

They wanted to stay true to the Pub’s history, so the heart of the Bungalow, the Sports/Public Bar, has been given a few modern touches whilst still keeping its origin in mind. The original timber silky oak bar has been retained and restored to keep the authentic feel.

The restaurant, however, is a completely modern and fresh feel, and so very Cairns – come join us!


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